World Health Day

Hello flower people! We had a wonderful turnout to International Women’s Day. Thank you to all of the lovely people that stopped by to celebrate the women in their lives! The next day that we are celebrating is World Health Day, Friday April 7th, 2017. If you haven’t heard of World Health Day, like I hadn’t, it is such a great day to celebrate and spread awareness for numerous health problems that need our attention.

This year the theme for Health Day is: Depression-lets talk. This is such an important issue, that everyone faces at some point in their lives, whether it be a loved one, co-worker, or you yourself.  Depression is a rising issue with teens and young adults, and so many people feel as if they can’t talk about it, and that is what makes depression such a serious issue. Depression has such a stigma, so the goal this year is for more people to seek help for their depression, and to get rid of the stigma. It’s thyme to change the way people think! Don’t think you’re going to kale the vibe if you open up to someone.

Maybe you know someone who’s been having a hard time lately, maybe you’ve noticed a family member or friend that’s been especially down for the past while. What better way to show you care, than flowers? Beautiful bright colours to show happiness, and brighten their day are the perfect way to break the ice and show that you are there for them. Whether it is a gorgeous bouquet, or just a small bunch of gerberas or tulips, anything can go a long way. It’s the thought that counts. Can’t make it to one of our stores? Try our easy on-line ordering system

Though flowers are a great start, you or your loved one may need to talk, and just don’t feel comfortable with the people you are closest to. If that’s the case, try calling a help line, 310-6789. We all go through tough times, and talking is the best thing you can do.

Hopefully you are all having a lovely start to spring. Come stop by the kiosk and say hi and take some time to smell the roses! Let’s celebrate World Health Day together and Make someone SMILE today!


International Women’s Day

Hello fellow flower enthusiasts!

So here we are in March, and next on the agenda is International WomeWomens day specialn’s day. Valentines day has come and gone and we just wanted to say thanks a bunch from the Frans’ Flowers family for making it such a success! We all had a great time making and selling bouquets, and probably eating too much chocolate… We hope you all had a lovely Valentines Day with whomever it is you love!

Now it’s thyme to celebrate all the wonderful women in your life. It is a day that recognizes and respects the social, political, and economic achievements of women around the world. It was first celebrated in 1909 In New York, and has since grown so much. Every year there is a new theme. Past themes have been: Gender Equality, empowering women and humanity, ending violence against women, and so many more! This year’s theme is: Be Bold for Change. Now especially, we need gender equality, and Be Bold for Change stands for a more gender inclusive world.

There are so many ways to celebrate, and stand up for International Women’s Day. We at Frans’ Flowers believe that a beautiful bouquet is the perfect way to show the women in your life that you love and appreciate them – we are even adding a little sparkle!! Or you could get them a lovely potted plant, we can always add some sparkle to your favourite flowers!

We are always stocked up with plenty of beautiful mixed bouquets, roses, and potted plants, such as orchids, and mums.

If you haven’t botany thing for your mother, sister, wife, friend, flowers are perfect to show your appreciation and love for them. Hope thistle help you remember this important day, so no woman feels under appreciated.

If you’d like any custom orders, or have any questions, please feel free to contact us!

If you’re interested in learning more about International Women’s Day, check out the website at

We will be posting much more frequently on this blog and are very excited about it! I know I’m super excited to use all my flower puns. Hope you all are having a great start to March!


Thanksgiving Flowers

Thanksgiving Flowers

Fall Flowers

Thanksgiving Holiday

Thanksgiving – Originally from the European Harvest Festival, a celebration of the fruitful harvests in the Fall, by the sharing of food with family and friends in the community. Although the date of the celebration has changed over the years, the tradition has continued. It is still a time for sharing a meal with friends and family, reflecting on all that we have to be thankful for.

After a busy week of preparing Thanksgiving flowers for our customers, Frans and I relax and enjoy the warmth and comfort of home. Sitting around the fireplace with family and friends, playing games and of course a great meal!!

Saying “Thank you” with flowers?

What flowers are appropriate for Thanksgiving?? Anything goes! From elegant white, warm and vibrant, to a bright, cheerful bouquet.

If you are hosting a dinner choose some flowers that compliment your table décor or that just make you feel good!! A bunch of flowers, mixed bouquet or maybe some gourds to create a central focal point to your table. Don’t forget you want to be able to see your guests!! Cut the flowers down short and put in a 4″ – 6″ vase. This also gives the flowers a fuller look and typically extends their life (if the water is kept full and clean).

If you are going for dinner you can’t go wrong with a beautiful mixed flower bouquet – maybe with a wheat stem, bull rushes or grasses to give a feel of “harvest” while adding a cute accent to the bouquet!! Make sure your host gives the stems a fresh diagonal cut and places them in fresh water with the flower food!.

So – whether you are going out for dinner, hosting in your home or just having a quiet day, enjoy the time off to give Thanks and reflect on your year.

“Bring a Smile” to your Thanksgiving with a special Frans’ Flowers bouquet!



Administrative Professionals Day

IMG_1187 (300x243)
What is “Administrative Professionals Day” and how did it start??

The first official “Secretary’s week” started in June 1 – 7th, 1952, with Wednesday June 4th, being “Secretary’s Day”. It was introduced to increase awareness of the secretarial profession as there was a shortage of qualified secretaries. The celebration was soon moved to the last full week of April in 1955. It has remained there ever since, with Wednesday still being the focal point of the week.

For many years Frans’ enjoyed that busy Wednesday of Downtown businessmen happily buying flowers, to recognize their Secretary’s and Assistants hard work and loyalty.

In 2000 the name changed to “Administrative Professionals week” to recognize the vast range of skills and expertise that office support workers bring to business and government offices. No businesses run without support from many team members, lets continue to make this a day to celebrate and say “Thank You” to all our support workers and co-workers.

Who do you want to say “Thank you” to on Wednesday April 22nd, 2015??