Create Your Own Custom
Wedding Arrangement

Our custom wedding arrangement prices are based on seasonal flowers. The more flexible with flower type and colour shade the easier to keep within budget. All prices are plus tax.

Bridal Bouquet

From $75 (approx. 10” diameter)

Bridesmaid Bouquet

From $45 (approx. 7-8” diameter)

Flower Girl Bouquet

From $40 (approx. 6” diameter)


From $12 (for single flower with green)

Pin Corsage

Pin Corsage

From $15 (single flower, filler flower and green)


Wrist Corsage

From $20 (single flower, filler flower, green)

Special Wrist Corsage

From $25 (with ribbon or extra flower etc.)

Centre Pieces

4” square-$20 | 6” square-$30

* price based on seasonal flowers and including the vase.

Centre pieces

6” tall cylinder – $30

* price based on seasonal flowers and including the vase.

Can I do some arrangements myself?

Absolutely, you can do as much or as little as you would like, to fit your budget and time. To order bulk or bunches of flowers for your wedding, please refer to the “bulk flowers” section for options and quantities, or “custom orders” for flowers by the bunch. Once you have a list of what you will be making, we can offer advice on how many flowers you will need. Pictures are always helpful as some people consider a vase “full” with 4 stems and others 12 stems! Check out our party section to learn how to make your own centre pieces.

Can you deliver to my venue?

Yes we can provide a delivery service, the cost will depend upon the location of your event and how many pieces are to be delivered. Alternatively pick up can be arranged at one of our retail locations or the warehouse for no additional charge.

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