Fall Rustic Wedding

Fall Rustic Wedding

Fall Wedding Flowers on a budget!!

What a great time of the year to get married, the beautiful fall colours, fresh crisp mornings and falling leaves. But what about the flowers!! So many great choices of wedding/event flowers are going out of season – it is the time to say goodbye to local sunflowers, dahlias and calla lily so what is left?! This blog is Frans’s view on how to create cost effective and beautiful flowers during this season!!

While local flowers in general tend to be less expensive, there are some import flowers that can stay within a tight budget!.

Import Flowers:-

Roses – beautiful, classic roses often from Ecuador or Kenya. The vast array of colours make roses a great choice, whether you use them as your main flower or in mixed bouquets. Love roses? order a box!! Buying in bulk is a cost effective way to get your choice of colour or variety.

Hydrangeas – a lovely “old fashioned” flower that provides a fullness to any bouquet or table centre. Choose large white or blue blooms for a cost effective option. Put a nest of babys breath around and you have simple, beautiful arrangements.

Babys Breath – this tiny beauty has made a huge comeback in the past year, once a filler flower it is now being used as a main flower. Creating a cloud of tiny blooms for table centres, chair or aisle deco, bridesmaids bouquets etc. Add a splash of colour with greens, eucalyptus or add to your favourite flowers. An inexpensive way to bring a romantic feel to any event.

Carnations, large spider mums, Spray roses, – used as accent flowers, these all provide texture and colour to any arrangement.

Local Flowers:-

Don’t forget our local, year round, favourites! – gerberas, alstromeria, lilies and many varieties of mums!

The fall is also a great time of the year for exciting greens, berries and accent flowers. Smoke tree, eucalyptus, grasses, asters, sedum, kale etc. Add a few funky greens to personalize your flowers.

** While I have tried to include all the readily available product through the Fall season, there are many more flowers available. We are always available via e mail to discuss your ideas!!