About Frans’ Flowers

The Story of Frans’ Flowers

Frans' Flowers in Old DowntownFrans’ Inden, founder of Frans’ Flowers, was introduced to the world of flowers as a young boy in Holland. Frans would cycle door to door selling flowers from local growers. When he came to Canada 25 years ago it was flower power that started his career in Canada. Soon Frans operated up to 6 splendid flower kiosks that beautified the streets of Downtown Vancouver. With his creative and dynamic touch his colourful kiosks were a revolution in the floral retail business. As Frans continued to build relationships with local growers as well as importers, his insight grew to bring the market style concept from Downtown, closer to home.


We’ve been serving Greater Vancouver over 25 years

In 2011, after 20 years of working Downtown, Frans’ and his wife Sue, opened up fresh flower kiosks in shopping centres, transportation hubs and other locations. Bringing Fresh bouquets at amazing prices to Greater Vancouver, making fresh flowers affordable at everyday prices. Frans and Sue continue to build the business on 3 key elements:

• Outstanding customer service

• Fresh high quality flowers

• And convenient “express” locations.

Frans’ Flowers is a family owned & operated business, based out of Port Coquitlam. With retail locations in Coquitlam Centre Mall, Sevenoaks Mall and Downtown Vancouver. Even the youngest members of the family are sharing Dad’s passion for creating beautiful bouquets!!

Stop by, say hi, and let Frans’ Flowers help you “bring home a smile”.

Where do we get our flowers?

There are three main ways that Frans acquires his flowers: Direct from the grower, from the local auction and imported from various countries.

Frans has established a unique relationship with local growers built up over the past 25 years. The majority of flowers sold at Frans’ Flowers are from the local flower auction co-operative. This co-operative system allows Frans to support the local growers as well as offer the freshest flowers. At the auction the flowers are sold via the Dutch auction system. This means the prices start high and go lower until the first buyer buys the first lot. This process repeats, starting high and dropping lower until all the product is purchased. Because Frans has been purchasing this way for many years he has developed his skill at getting the best prices. Passing these savings on to his customers!

Business Opportunity with Frans' Flowers

Frans’ has years of purchasing knowledge for sourcing out the most economical and beautiful products. His years of retail experience in the flower industry gives him a good understanding of what customers want. While the company’s vision and mission statement date back over 20 years, we are continually looking to update and expand our opportunities.

We would love to help you start your own “Frans’ Flowers” business, whether it be within your existing store, high traffic location or in a new Mall.  We have Malls waiting for a Frans’ Flowers kiosk to open up. Learn More.