Flower Care Guide

Flowers drink a lot of water, so your vase should be full. This helps increase the turgor pressure of the plant cells, allowing the cells to be firm and healthy. So basically, fill the vase almost all the way up.

The goal is to reduce bacteria from blocking the plant cells, preventing the cells from drinking up the all the water. Vase should be washed with soap and water and water refreshed every few days, as the water becomes murky.

Cold temperatures generally slows down the opening of flowers. Warm temperatures expedites the opening. If your flowers are tight buds and you want them to open more quickly, give them a fresh cut and place in warm water. We usually recommend tepid water, not too cold and not too warm.

Flowers last longer in cooler temperatures. We recommend keeping out of direct sunlight and away from heat sources. Some people like to put their arrangements outside overnight for a chance to cool down. Flowers don’t like zero or near zero temperatures so not recommended for winter months.

Ideally, every time you change the vase water, you should be giving your stems a fresh cut, at a sharp angle, with sharp clean tools. This increases the surface area of the open stem, allowing more water to enter the stem at one time.

The white powder packets that you often get with flowers is a combination of three ingredients. An acid, a sugar and a disinfectant. The Acid to open up the stems for hydration, a sugar to feed the flower pushing it to open, and a disinfectant to keep the bacteria down. We don’t recommend flower additives and don’t believe they are necessary for at home use. A clean, fresh vase and some basic maintenance will go along ways to making your flowers last longer.

Frans’ Flower Design Studio

The Design Studio is a ‘true’ working studio hands-on (no machines) with an amazing team of florists. We welcome all walk-ins and provide a friendly and professional service. All our bouquets are designed and hand-crafted with passion by our creatively using only quality, freshest blooms grown by local growers.

Our Design Studio is dedicated to servicing Coquitlam Centre Mall and providing creative designs for our walk-in and online orders. Our Design Studio is open to the public and a great way to discuss flowers for weddings, funerals, corporate or just life’s every day.

We have hand-tied bouquets ready to buy, but if none of them are what you had in mind, then simply ask the florist and they can create a bespoke arrangement or bouquet. If you don’t know what flowers you’d like, just let them know the colour theme and your budget, they will create a design that will surpass your expectations.

Delivery Locations and Cutoff Times

  • $12 – Port Coquitlam
  • $12 – Coquitlam
  • $12 – Port Moody
  • $14 – Pitt Meadows
  • $18 – Anmore & Belcarra
  • $15 – Maple Ridge
  • $25 – Langley
  • $18 – Burnaby
  • $18 – New Westminster
  • $30 – Aldergrove
  • $25 – East Vancouver
  • $30 – South Vancouver
  • $35 – West Vancouver + UBC
  • $25 – Downtown Vancouver
  • $30 – North Vancouver
  • $30 – Delta, Surrey, Richmond
  • $40 – Sympathy/Funeral delivery orders

Our flower arrangements & bouquets are Handmade from our Flower Design Studio located in Port Coquitlam, BC. We do our best in servicing the community, however being a small business in demand, we unfortunately cannot accommodate exact time requests. Our delivery window is as follows:

  • 10:00am – 3:00pm Tuesday to Saturday
  • Order before 11am for Same Day Delivery or Pickup
  • We do not deliver on Sundays or Mondays or Statutory Holidays

Delivery Instructions

Often our delivery service is not permitted to deliver directly to your recipient if they are in a secured building. The flowers are left with reception, the security desk, or concierge, and they will deliver them to the door, or inform the recipient that there is a delivery to pick up at the front desk.

No, we do not call in advance of arrival. There are a number of reasons for this. Primarily, it would be logistically impossible to coordinate times with every person receiving flowers. This is especially true for our third-party delivery service, who are dealing with dozens of shops across the Coquitlam. 

Our drivers can not properly navigate the city in a clear, efficient route, if they were trying to work with each and every person receiving flowers. 

Secondly, we have received complaints that we "ruined the surprise" when we did try to call in advance.

In a nutshell, we don't call ahead.

You are more than welcome to contact the shop for an update on your delivery, however, it is often safe to say that no news is good news.

This does happen and we always deal with it accordingly. If weather permits, we will leave the delivery on their porch, or other preferred location, if indicated on the order. The driver will contact the shop to let us know, so we are kept informed if your order is not handed directly to someone.

In colder situations, the arrangement may be left with a neighbour and a message left with the recipient so they know who to contact. If this option isn't available, the flowers are returned to the shop and we will follow up with the recipient to make arrangements with them.

During peak floral holidays (ie. Christmas, Valentine's Day, Mother's Day), often our deliveries must be picked up the day before. If this is the case, same-day deliveries may not always be available and we will cut off deliveries through the online system at a specified time.

If you see that deliveries are not available, store pick-up is often still available, or, we can try to make arrangements with a courier service, if necessary. In these cases, we ask that you contact the shop to review options. We will do our best to help, whenever possible.

Ordering From Frans’ Flower Website

Customizing Your Order

From “Order Flowers” in the navigation bar, you can shop by size, colour or select from our store options.
From there, choose your colour option and quantity that you would like.

Gift Message

Step 1
Optional Gift Message To Recipient

You can include a custom message to your recipient. Your message will be handwritten by one of our staff onto a small enclosure card, and included in the delivery envelope, along with care instructions for the flowers.
Please remember to sign your message, so your recipient knows it was you who sent these beautiful flowers!


Step 2
Select The Quantity That You Want

In this area, please let us know the quantity needed for this arrangement.


Step 3
Add To Cart Or Add To Wishlist

Add to your shopping cart or add to a wishlist if you have an account with us, to bookmarked for future buying.